You have worked hard to build a vision for your business. With BIMA you can turn that vision into reality. Our solution provides an insurance ecosystem giving you control over and visibility into what’s going on in your insurance business, and the ability to make smart decisions that impact your margins and improve your cash flow—ultimately driving your business growth. BIMA is an integrated business management solution. It provides an Eco system for the insurance industry that delivers end to end insurance solutions.

BIMA provides end to end insurance solutions for insurers and intermediary’s i.e.

  • Insurance companies
  • Brokers
  • Agencies
  • Reinsurer’s

Our solution can be deployed as individual modules, or as a fully integrated end-to-end solution.

Additional Features we offer out of the box inside BIMA
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Over 280 inbuilt user reports
  • End to end insurance process
  • Customised workflows
  • Mobile Money Payment
  • Integration with other systems
General Ledger
Fixed Assets
Sales & Marketing

Feature Rich

BIMA General Insurance has been designed around business rather than technology. We effectively use technology to deliver features that enable a company become competitive.
Some of the features to mention are;

  • Standardizing and automating business processes, supports multiple companies, multi-locations, multi-currency and multi-location operations.
  • Offering a fully integrated suite of financials, insurance and reinsurance management applications that share a common dataset, allowing visibility and collaboration across departments, as well as with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Providing flexible and customizable reporting to improve business reporting, analysis, and insight.
  • Ability to define past present and future treaties for easy analysis of reinsurance.
  • Ability to run multiple companies, currencies and financial calendars in the same application gives a company flexibility to run several entities with the same application.
  • Customizable packaged products/policies will enable a company to give customers ability to customize their policies and consolidate different lines of business into one policy.
  • Claims Fraud Meter for detecting fraudulent claims based on defined parameters.
  • Sales Module with flexible tariffs enables a company to quote competitively.
  1. How long did it take to underwrite a file before Bima and how long is it taking now.
    Motor underwriting is fast compared to the previous system.
  2. How long did it take doing a renewal before and after bima.
    Motor renewal is much faster in BIMA as it takes about 5 minutes and in the previous system it would take much longer.
  3. What kind of reports are they getting now with Bima that wasn't available before?
    • Statistical Management Reports i.e. Brokers/Agent and Users Productivity Reports, Efficiency Reports, Treaty/FAC OUT Reinsurance Statements and Client Experience
    • Revenue Account and Financial Statements
    • IRA Reports for all the departments
    • Claims Outstanding Ageing Reports and other monthly claims reports
  4. How is the integration helping with reinsurance and finance
    • The system automatically allocate RI cession from Underwriting
    • The system automatically approve RI cession thus saving time on approval
    • System automatically calculates the Reinsurers share of claim paid and as well as outstanding seamlessly once claim is registered and paid from claim departments
    • System seemlessly post payments and receipts from Reinsurers to respective account
    • The user in reinsurance is able to monitor how the RI has been impacted from other modules.
    • The finance reports and RI reports can be used for comparison purposes ensuring the numbers are matching.
  5. How flexible is the reinsurance module.
    The user has been able to get all kinds of system reports demanded from BIMA the only challenge is the format of the reports.
    • Readily available reports’ Treaty and Facultative Statement of account
    • Reinsurance cession is automatically approved and posted
    • System assist in identifying policies that require Facultative Placements
  6. How much do they spend per month (monetary is stationary, ink and non-monetary is time it takes to print) to send statements and how will estatements reduce that cost.
    Previously the statements would have to be printed put in envelopes and sent out with riders for delivery to the parties but now with e-statements all those costs have been cut out as now they are automatically generated by the system and the e-statements sent out via email hence quantifiable costs in terms of stationery, delivery costs and other unquantifiable costs like time have been saved.
    • Stationery cost savings i.e. on printing papers and envelopes
    • Delivery cost
    • Saving from e-statement processing as the statements are sent via email
    • ime
  7. How is inter branch linking assist in coordination within the company
    • Facilitates delegation of activities at the branch hence making the users more productive and saving on time.
    • Data sharing has made the coordination much easier and more productive.
    • Activities at the branch includes, Policy processing, Receipting, Claim Registration, Customers Statements etc.
  8. At a click of a button, they can pull financial statements from Bima, what's the benefits they are getting from this.
    • Time saving.
    • Because of integration and centralization of data accurate reports are easily produced related to all modules/ functions.
  9. How is the system assisting with IRA returns.
    All the IRA returns are now auto generated by the system without user intervention.
  10. How does auto matching assist in time saving?
    Matching of receipts and policies is on real time hence it is saving on time and making the users more productive.