Month: July 2024

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Treaty Setups in Reinsurance: Enhancing Efficiency with ERP Solutions

Treaty reinsurance is insurance purchased by an insurance company from another insurer. The company that issues the insurance is called the cedent, who passes on all the risks of a specific class of policies to the purchasing company, which is the reinsurer. Treaty reinsurance is one of the three main types of reinsurance contracts. […]

Increasing operations efficiency using bima ERP || ICON Limited

Increasing Insurance Operations Efficiency: ICON Limited’s Bima ERP Solutions’ Automation Power

Efficiency is essential for maintaining competitiveness in the quick-paced insurance industry. Insurance firms require strong solutions to optimize their operations due to the growing number of policies they oversee, claims they must handle, and laws they must adhere to. That is exactly what ICON Limited’s Bima ERP systems provide, with […]