About Us

ICON Limited is a privately incorporated company in Kenya with technical and function expertise on both Life and General Insurance business processes. At ICON we foocus on providing solutions to insurance companies through business process engineering and automation. Our Insurance solution is called BIMA . In an increasing complex environment, ICON understands that it’s the companies who not only have the right strategy but right systems in place that will have an edge. We believe that customers drive our company. We always want to be close to our customer needs by listening and partnering. It is through our customers that we identify and capture market transitions, measure our success, and design and create solutions. Our customer-centric approach—combined with our culture—is what makes us a “vendor of choice”.

Our Mission

ICON Limited is dedicated to providing insurance systems that provide quality best in class business processes with value pricing. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients. Success will be measured by our clients choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed your expectations of price, service, and expertise.


To establish ICON Limited as the market leader in quality solutions that enhance business process automation for insurance companies; To focus on customer experience for our clients in order to give good returns for investment; Continually research insurance market to understand new processes and regulations and improve the system accordingly.

Industry Focus

ICON Limited fully focuses on insurance ecosystem. This helps us provide a total solution at an all-inclusive cost. Our package includes a subset of insurance solutions that interlink all stakeholders who participate in the process. These include professional service providers, other insurance companies and regulators.

What Makes ICON Different?

ICON Limited brings forth the following benefits to its clients;

  • Complete System Integration: Will provide for a complete insurance system from end to end
  • Solution Technology: Best of the breed business solution built on top of proven enterprise which is best on Oracle technology.
  • Vast Domain Expertise: We have implemented in several companies in similar industry vertical and therefore have a vast domain experience and understanding of the key business process which will aid the implementation.
  • Proven Implementation Methodology: The solution will be implemented using a completely process oriented approach and a well-defined implementation methodology which has been fine tuned to handle the implementation challenges in Africa.
ICON Limited focuses on value on the cost savings that we can provide while retaining the quality standards that our clients demand.